Friday, August 5, 2011

Finally back in the saddle!

So moving has kind of taken precedence over painting lately. Sigh. And sadly it's not like there hasn't been any inspiration. This is the view out of my kitchen window! Isn't it an incredible view of across the river? I just love the shadows - so cool. They're really fun to watch change throughout the day.
And, on top of that, there is actually a place for me to paint in our new house! A previous owner turned the carport into an extra room, which is hands down my favorite part of the house. It's big and spacious and has a work bench lining one of the walls ... which, of course, will be my art bench! I'm so excited to not be painting on the kitchen table and having to pick it up every night!!!
So although, as you can clearly see from the above picture that there are plenty of boxes left to work on, I took the night off and finally finished the painting for my husband of the temple we got married in 7 years ago! It's the first acrylic painting I've done in years and he loves it, so I figure that's a success, right? It may even end up being the first thing that makes it on the wall :)

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