Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Step away from the painting

At the end I keep touching this up, dabbling, adding that there and this here, and waiting for a voice over the loud speaker to tell me to put my brush down and step away. I have such a hard time stopping! Honestly, I tend to quickly tell my husband before I regret it, "Hurry! Come take a photo and take it away!" He's so helpful to have around :) And he's great - when I notice one last thing I really have to change, he always gives it back to me. What would I do without him?
Anyway, so I think it's done. There are a few things I like about what I did tonight. I, much to my surprise, like the boats. I was worried about them, since there were so many blobs of stuff in the photo that wasn't too readable, and because they were at different funky angles, but somehow it worked out. At least I think it did. I like the white masts across the water. I like the stones in the foreground. I think I like all the vertical lines in a horizontal painting. I'm not sure about the vibrancy of color across the water. Shouldn't it have been more faded due to atmospheric perspective? I wish the cement platform thing at the bottom of the lamp was taller. Silly detail to bother me, but I feel like it would have worked better. And I'm not sure that the water isn't just a bit boring. But the water isn't always the star of the show, right? Overall, I'm happy with it. And it's done.

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  1. I think it looks wonderful Alicia. Honestly I can't even see the things you might not like, even after you've pointed them out to me! I do like the boats and the way they're all in different positions floating in the water. :)