Monday, August 29, 2011

Starting with the sky

After an adventurous and rather busy couple of days, I at least got some paint on the paper. And I'm still, clearly, playing and experimenting and trying new things. It's fun to let loose and see what happens. It's much too early to make judgements on this one (although that hasn't really stopped me). I'm a little concerned at how dark I let the sky get, since it was supposed to be lighter than the trees that meet it, and I'm not quite sure it's what should have been done but I was at a total loss with the sky. There was way too much of it to leave it one plain block of color, or even a gradual fading of one color. It definitely needed more interest so there you go. I do like its boldness. My husband likes the stark difference between the smooth sweeping lines and the jagged tree-line. We'll see!

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