Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a difference a day makes

Ah. I'm happy. How does it sometimes just work? And sometimes just not? Thank you for your encouragement in the comments! What I wasn't liking about it was that it was staying shapes to me. The shapes weren't forming at all into the landscape, which I still wanted. And after pouting and glaring at it quite a bit, I noticed that my values were off. If it had been a black and white study, it would've been all over the board. For example, the whole ocean needed to get darker so that the rocks would stand out at all. And the whole cliff/grass section need to be a bit darker (still probably should but I don't want to lose the colors so I hesitate) so that it would recede into the background behind the other cliff section. And its colors needed a bit of confidence instead of projecting my timidity. So after an unexpected vision and burst of determination, I am happy. It's not perfect, but then again, who is? The closest cliff section is still a bit confused to me, but I don't think I have any clarity to offer it. And the sky is totally boring, but I'm not sure if I can help that either. So I put down my brush, at least for tonight, and will now sleep much more peacefully. Thank goodness.

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