Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Paints!

 Frustrated as I was by my blues the other day, I hopped online and spent the rest of my birthday money just like that. My intention was to get more blues and find out which I liked best. I got distracted a little. I got more than blue. Ha! As if I shouldn't have seen THAT coming. Not all these here are new, but it shows them compared to what I had before. Leaf Green wins the award for the new paint I'm most excited about. Bright Red is the most disappointing. Opus (Vivid Pink) wins the yes-it's-actually-as-intense-as-it-showed award. There are honestly too many new blues for me to have any idea what I think after these tiny swatches, but I am more certain than ever that I do not like Cerulean Blue Genuine.
And I got started on my next painting finally. It's just a line drawing for now but it is a start. Usually that means I spent a LONG time picking which image to paint, which was definitely true and just as difficult tonight. It's a little more up-close than my last few in this new style. I am even showing some of the vertical lines of the grass, which worries me a bit. Don't want it to end up looking cartoony. Anyway, sorry if you can't see it well enough. Tomorrow I get to pick which paints to use! Wahoo.

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