Thursday, November 17, 2011

On to Attempt #2

So I am hesitant to even post tonight because I am just not confident about this yet, but that is kinda missing the point of why I started this blog. I wanted to show the process of painting and learning and figuring things out but it certainly feels a little like being naked in a public place. Or at least what I imagine that would feel like, because I never have been, except perhaps in the occasional nightmare. Anyway, so here's me not hiding with what I was working on tonight:
The one above is what I started on after being very unsatisfied with what I had going below. I think the proportions of her body and arm are much better. It also feels softer. A little more like perfect baby skin that is so soft and smells so good. A slightly concerning thing is that the two don't look like the same baby at all, despite being painted from the same photo. Granted, getting to the darker hair and finishing the lips and all will probably help, but I just really hope it looks like her. You just can't always tell from a photo. Like this one time, I painted this temple that my roommate was getting married in as her present, and when I met her there to give it to her, realized that the roof was slate gray, not brown like it had looked in the photo and thus, like I had painted it. Whoops. A face is so much easier to mess up, and if I can do that to a whole building ... but enough of that defeatist attitude. I think it's going better and am rather loathe to put down my brush and go to bed while it's working, but alas, moms don't get to sleep in so I better sleep now!

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