Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hidden Gems

So yesterday we ventured out into the fog, (which sadly kept me from getting the photos I wanted of all the brilliant colors!!) and went to the Maryhill Museum. If you ever happen to be here in the Columbia Gorge, I totally recommend it! What an amazing little hidden gem. It's basically in the middle of nowhere, and yet it's this fantastic museum with gorgeous grounds, and some serious expansion about to get underway. Queen Marie of Romania apparently dedicated it (fascinating history about and displayed in this place), and there was this really great Rodin exhibit downstairs of miniature studies and sketches he did in preparation along with one big piece and an educational display that showed the steps of bronze casting. Surprisingly, as I explained this to my eldest, she was really interested. I love it! I know it's kinda odd that I bring my very young children to galleries and art museums any chance I get, and I always worry that they're too loud but they just don't get it in school anymore. It's awful!
 I wasn't the biggest fan of art history as I got my degree (ok so I slept through most of it and crammed for the tests), but ever since my husband and I dressed up as Van Gogh and his Starry Night painting-in-progress respectively, for Halloween a few years ago and were shocked and appalled that the majority of adults couldn't identify us (come on people!!), I've tried to introduce art history to my kids and their classes whenever I volunteer in the schools any chance I get. And this time, apart from some squawking protests from our little man, who wanted to touch everything he saw and couldn't, the kids ate it up.
My girls actually brought legal pads of paper and plopped down in the middle of each room to write about their favorite artworks! All on their own! And then there was this kids room where they got to make Rodin-inspired sculptures out of tin foil and draw portraits that they could tape up on the wall for all to see. It was awesome. They loved it. Basically they thought I was a great mom for bringing them, which means I win.
 To finish it off, we went to the gigantic Stonehenge World War I memorial down the road and ran out any leftover pent-up energy among the largest set of stacked rocks we'd ever seen. Again, in the middle of nowhere. Isn't it great to find little hidden gems nearby? The day was only slightly tarnished by discovering a LIVE MOUSE in my kitchen later that night. Seriously. You read that right. Naturally I then worked my tail off cleaning the house from top to bottom into the wee hours of the morning instead of painting. Stupid mouse.

*I have actually started a new painting but don't feel it's presentable yet, meaning I hate it. Should be looking better and ready to post tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


  1. I love their sculptures!!! Dad told me you went there and seriously it seems like an amazing little gem!!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! And I can't believe people didn't recognize you and your hubby!! Come on Americans!! Your girls are so cute, and their sculptures are too. :)

    Live mouse?!! EEEKKK!!! That happened to me a few years ago, I found it in my silverware drawer!!! I really wanted to throw all the silverware away but resorted to dousing it in bleach a million times instead. :)

  3. The silverware drawer?! Double eek! We've been sanitizing all surfaces multiple times a day and vacuuming until the girls beg me to stop because they're tired of the sound. A mouse in the house just makes me feel so violated!