Friday, November 11, 2011

The Naming Game

Aside from a few, very minor touch-ups, it is finished! Sure, it took a little extra time thanks to my stupidity, but I was able to get myself out of the way in the end and to even paint a few straight lines (and a few not-so-straight ones) with my shaky hand. Just looking for a title now. Something about going through the tunnel ahead, but much cooler sounding. Something about the man-made beauty amidst the God-made beauty. Or something about it being a one-way road. Maybe Going My Way. The Narrow and Straight. Passing Through. Suspension. Any ideas? What does it make you think or feel like? As soon as I've got this whole title thing figured out, I'll send it in to this month's Virtual Paintout challenge(And how cool is this, the month's not even half over yet?!), centered in Arles, France.


  1. Alisha,
    Great minds think alike(!): this exact view appealed to me too and I was poised to do it (over the Thanksgiving holiday); but-truth be told-your painting of it is definitively superb enough to move on from this particular 'capture'!
    Great color, great sense of the subject.