Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

So I've been having this little argument in my head over whether or not I should post this picture since it's a gift for somebody who, when not too busy, tends to look at this blog. I knew she'd knew it was for her immediately, since it's what she asked for. I probably should have just waited and left it to be a surprise, but the other side of the argument won. For three reasons. Good ones I think. First, if my sister hates it, she can tell me and I'll stop wasting time and go back to packing. Which is what I should have been doing in the first place but I REALLY needed a break. Second, to prove to my brother-in-law that I am actually going to come through on my promise of painting them a picture for their wedding. I don't think he believed it anymore ... 11 months later. And thirdly, in an effort to remind them (every time they look at the painting) where home is (that would be Portland, Oregon) so they don't fall too in love with New York and stay there forever. It's way too far away. Basically the other side of the world. So there you go. Good decision?


  1. There isn't anyone as family for saying what they think about a painting. I'm look forward to hearing their answers.
    I like your starting. We say in Spain that it is of Andalusian horse.

  2. I think it is great! A beautiful painting that really shows that it is Portland. Having been to both places, how could anyone take NY over Portland! Jacqueline from Bend (but in Maine for a short while)

  3. I LOVE it! And it is doing exactly what you want. I love Portland and there is no city like it anywhere in the world. Love it!