Friday, July 8, 2011

Moving on

I promised my husband I'd stop painting at 10 tonight. I'm only 45 minutes late, so I'd say that's pretty good :) I'm liking some things about it. I do like the lighting on the greenery. Sadly though, the "oil spill" is still looking rather like an oil spill. Unfortunate. I tried to keep it fluid and simple, rather than painting each ripple. I'm not certain I've nailed the perspective. More like clumsily hammered all the wood around the nail. But the building with the greenery is lovely. And yes, I know that I should've either been packing up my house (since we're moving in less than two weeks) or sleeping but it just felt so good to paint. Doesn't even matter that I'm not being swept off my feet with the results. It just feels good. And also exciting, the house that we're going to be renting, has this incredible, unfinished room that used to be a car port, but was converted into an air-conditioned odd "waste of space." Or that's what the agent said when she showed it to us. To me, it is going to be our playroom/office/STUDIO! I'm so excited. It has so much space for my stuff! I won't be painting on the kitchen table and picking it up every night just to get it back out the next day. I'll just leave it there. That's my kind of wasted space!

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  1. I think it looks lovely. :) And not like an oil spill at all. I do really like the greenery covered building too. And if I had been you I would have been painting too!