Monday, October 10, 2011

Super Close to Finished

So I should know better than to say that I'll finish something the next day. I did actually give it a shot and painted, so at least there's that. But it is not as done as I had planned on it being. Super close. Just a bit left on the leaves, and possibly adding a bit of depth to some of the background. For some reason it seems to lack a bit of umph, but that could be the late night talking. We'll see in the morning. Is it just me or do things always look a little better the next day? I almost wish I had cut it off above where the highest leaf hits the rose. It would basically make a square painting then. Do you think the composition is better that way? It does cut out a bit of the veins on that petal which would be a bummer because those are neat, even if they do possibly seem a bit out of place. See, I should just wait until the morning. We'll see what surfaces then.

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