Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Candy Corn Art

So I rarely get around to using creative energy on anything but my watercolors, but this weekend the girls and I decided to break out the hot glue gun and have some fun together. They're a little excited for Halloween, and have been begging to make decorations. I had seen this fantastic candy corn wreath on the cover of some magazine (don't even remember the name of it) awhile back and thought it looked absolutely delicious in every way. I couldn't really remember anything about it other than it was covered in candy corns and was adorable. To add a bit of drama we first wrapped ours in thick black ribbon, gluing and pinning it into our styrofoam wreath in the back. Then I managed the glue gun and the girls carefully placed their candy corns round and round and round, eating the broken ones of course.
When we finished it looked like it was still missing something so I added a bow to hang it from. And ta dah! I love it! So easy! So quick! So fun! Our door just looks happier, even if it does make me a little hungry.

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