Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Progress Report

So I was feeling like I hadn't made much progress and then I went to blog and saw where I was last night, and suddenly I'm feeling much better about things. I like my purple mountains majesty. I just plopped those in there, not wanting a solid wall of trees. I thought it would be nicer to simplify, and air things out a bit. And to add mountains. Purple ones. And I like the spiky little plant just left of center. Not so happy about the whiter one that snuck right into dead center. What is it thinking committing that compositional faux pas? Dumb little plant. Other than that, the painting excites me. I looked at it longingly many times today when I had to do laundry instead. My little painting station shouldn't be so near the washer and dryer. It could explain why the laundry has been piling up so ridiculously. Let's just say I don't think it's a coincidence.

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