Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kinda blurry

Sometimes it's really hard to start a new painting. You go from the finishing touches of a nearly complete painting to a totally blank canvas. It's hard to jump back to square one. Like when you finish a book you had really got into, and find it hard to crack the cover on the next one. So I tend to drag my feet a bit and obsess a bit more when picking out which image I'll go with next. Like somehow there's a wrong choice. Or that I have to pick the absolute best photograph I have or I'll be doomed to fail before I even begin. Ha! I have issues. Anyway, last night after sorting through images and stressing about sizes and whatever else I could think of, I got this far on the painting:
I sat down to draw it, drew 4 big circles and started painting. I didn't have the patience to draw it. Kinda crazy, eh? If I don't have the patience to draw it, what makes me think I'll be able to paint it? Or should? 
But tonight I got started a little bit earlier and made some good progress. I am painting from a slightly blurry picture though, which I told my husband would make my eyes go a little crazy by the end, and I was right! Trying to add depth and see all those layers started to play tricks on me. So my brain is a bit cock-eyed but I think it's going decently.
Looking forward to painting again tomorrow!

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