Monday, January 16, 2012


I love that my girls are so close. They're only 18 months apart and really are each others' best friend. I painted this "sketch" trying to catch that bond. The photo I was working from didn't really do me any favors, but since I took the photo guess I can't complain too much. My redhead's face was particularly difficult to get right. I'm not sure why exactly - the angle, the nearly closed eyes, the lost edge in the photo that I didn't make as dark? But by the end, I could see her in it so I'm happy. I think I used too dark of a pencil on their soft faces, and it is a little more illustration-ish than usual, but there is something about the childlike, soft, light-filled "feel" of it that works for me. What do you think? Can't wait to see their reaction in the morning. They LOVE it when I paint them, vain little darlings that they are! Oh, and here's the reference photo since some of you have said you like it when I include it:


  1. They are so adorable! I seriously love how close they are!! Glad to have a best friend for a sister as well :)

  2. What a great piece for your girls to have:) How fun to have a red head, I bet that was fun to capture:) Love that you included the reference photo. There is an artist Carol Carter and she did "Growth Series" of her son Evan. She painted his portrait for every year of his life, she's on 24 or 25 now. I hope to do that some day:)