Friday, June 17, 2011

My sad, sad story

Okay so it wasn't anything serious. Pathetic would be a better word actually. Here goes. My husband was out of town this week (which was sad enough by the way), and while he was gone I thought I'd surprise him. I never get to paint something for him because he's always here and would see it and so there'd be no surprise, but here I had a chance. I'd always wanted to paint the LDS temple we got married in nearly 7 years ago now, and it would make such a perfect Father's Day present! For some reason I really wanted to do it in acrylics - odd because I haven't painted with acrylics in like 10 years - on this nice, deep canvas I had conveniently gessoed like a month earlier. So I got really excited by my idea and got started. Here was the underglaze, or at least I think that's what you'd call it:
Then I did the sky and was really excited by it ( I would have posted it that night but I couldn't risk him seeing it):
Then I had only one more night to work. I was busy with the last day of school and swimming lessons and just taking care of the kids on my own so despite eyeing it longingly all day long, I didn't get around to it until they'd been asleep and I'd rested and recovered. Finally I got everything out and set up and ready to go ... and then discovered I was 100% out of white paint. I couldn't paint a temple without white paint!! And the kids were already asleep, and Aaron Brother's was closing in half an hour, and I couldn't leave them alone, and AAAHHH! I called a couple of neighbors and couldn't find anyone to come stay in my apartment while I ran to the store. I felt like such a spaz honestly. Finally one friend called me back and rushed over. I ran to the store, getting there right as they locked the doors. Sad. So I ran to Fred Meyer hoping they'd have something. They had one line of low-quality paints in all colors EXCEPT white. They were out. I waited at customer service just to find out that they didn't have any extras in the back. Knowing it would be fruitless but out of any other options I ran to Target, where they didn't have any paint. Crushed and defeated, I drove home. And seriously, I hit every red light there and back. So I sadly put everything away and cleaned the house. We ran to the store as soon as it opened in the morning and I was able to get some more done before he got home, but alas, there was not time to finish it. So here is the unfinished, ruined surprise that was almost so cool:
My wonderful husband still thinks it's cool. Now, at least I'll be able to finish it with a little less rush. It was sad though. I so seldom get to surprise him with anything, and I was so looking forward to it. Oh well. I'll post the picture when it's done. Thanks for reading along and sympathizing with me and my long rather dramatic telling of my disappointing night!

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  1. You forgot to add the uber dramatic and frantic call you made to your sister! It just makes me laugh a little...but it is really cool! Just don't show Wes :)