Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Winter Remedy

So we've been having a tad more than our fair share of colds this winter and it'd been making it rather hard to paint. I needed to get inspired. I needed spring. No sign of it (or the sun) outside lately so I decided the best medicine would be another translucent tulip painting. I have a store of photos from going to the Tulip Festival years ago (now that I'm back in Oregon, I can go get new photos this year!!). I wanted to do one again where the light shone through the flower petals, making them looking almost like tissue paper overlapping, but with silky smoothness instead of crumply fragility. It's slow going as there are so many layers to lay down, and I flip back and forth between stepping back and allowing the colors to blend together slowly on the paper, doing marvelous things on their own that are the reason I love watercolor, and then tightly controlling where it does or doesn't flow. So yeah, slow going.
And it's a big piece of paper, but one or two flowers per night, I'll get it done some day. Probably not before the Feb 1st deadline I was shooting for since I needed a new painting to submit by that day. Miracles do happen though, right? 
And if it doesn't this time, well, maybe I should've got going sooner. Like during those 4 bouts of strep throat I've had in the last few months. 

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