Friday, August 19, 2016

Looking Up

Having hit a bit of a painter's block, I spent a stupid amount of time looking through pictures to find something, anything that would really inspire me. I finally found this photo by Michelle Lykokapis that she'd put on the Photos for Artists page for artists to use for free. It's such a cool site and so supportive! And it managed to snap me out of my funk! I loved the perspective and then had fun magnifying the little bits of color into a wider spectrum.
 It was a challenge to see more than was there but it was a fun challenge - not like that tower of laundry trying to catch my eye. 
After I'd finished the tree, I had a big dilemma because I really liked it and didn't want to ruin it by messing up the sky. The trunk said the sky should be dark so it's lights would pop, but the darkish leaves wanted it to be light so that they would get to shine. My original plan had been to make the sky into kind of a stained-glass window with each section being a different color, separated by the branches and leaves. But I was no longer certain it would work. Thankfully, my husband encouraged me to go for it so I did! 
And I love it! The yellow and light purple areas were a real risk but I knew they'd help bring the color from the tree around to create repetition and balance. The risk paid off!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lacecap hydrangeas

I went to this gorgeous garden with my mother-in-law recently and loved looking at these lacecap hydrangeas. They're just so delicate and unique! I hardly took any pictures of them though because I thought they'd be rather frustrating to paint. And they don't make for a good Georgia O'Keeffe style, like I prefer. Well, I wasn't wrong about either assumption, but I painted one nonetheless because as I said, they're just so unique! Roses I've painted and will paint again. Same with lilies and tulips and sunflowers. But never one of these. And they're cool. Can you tell I was almost equally drawn to the bright leaves? Hopefully they don't take over the painting entirely.

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Hmmm...I didn't want to do another dark background so thought I'd try something different. Yellow seemed perfect to bring out the yellow in the bees and in the centers of the flowers, and might even help give the feel of the serious heat that was killing me when I took the picture.
Not at all sure I like it though. My husband told me to put it down and assured me I'd like it better in the morning. It's been nearly 24 hours now and I'm no more sure about it. We'll have to see how long it lasts or if I just end up painting over it!

Purple Flower time-lapse

I'd been waiting on some music from my talented brother to finish up this video, but decided to just go ahead and use his music on a later video. Gets a little crazy with my other hand spinning the aquabord around to give me a better angle for my painting hand. Ha! It's kind of a funny idea, but it's not always easiest to paint with your painting right side up!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Glory of Flight

Not sure this one is finished but then again, I vowed to not spent to much thought or energy in these so I should probably just moved on. It's just that it looked better in my head. Ha! Sometimes hard to transfer that to paper, isn't it? It's just that with the light source behind the balloon, the side facing us was all in shadow and I just couldn't get it to not look flat, and when I tried it just turned dirty. Then the lines on the balloon didn't really seem to curve around it but there wasn't room for them to with only showing this small portion of the balloon. Such artist problems. So it's not my favorite but I'm posting it anyway. 

Photo Credit: Linda Seavey

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Drifting Off

So clearly I'm kinda stuck on the hot air balloon gig but it just hasn't run its course and I'm having a lot of fun and they're quick to do so I haven't even had the chance to get bored yet! Oh and I'm preparing to have an art booth at the Art and Air festival (there will be hot air balloons), which I'm super nervous about because I've never done it before. I just don't know what to expect but the good thing about it is that it's got me painting. And painting lots. And I love it.
Watercolor on paper 8x10
Photo credit: Tricia Anderson 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Blowing Away" Time-lapse video

Oh, this video wasn't quite ready when I posted the picture the other day, so here it is now. And forgive the quirky angle, I write while laughing heartily at myself. I had no clue it would end up looking like I was painting on the ceiling when I filmed it like this. Live and learn they say ;) Hope you like it!