Sunday, January 31, 2016

So many tulips

I made a goal to finish all the flowers in my painting tonight so that I had a chance of getting the rest done by my Monday deadline. Which is why I'm posting this at nearly 2 AM! In my defense, do you know what happens when you stare at one thing for too long? Ha! My eyes start to go a little crazy after searching for shapes in the same colors again and again and again. And the paper is so big, that to reach the petals at the top comfortably, I had to turn the paper sideways. Naturally then I turned my image sideways, which means my laptop was propped open on its side. My husband thinks it's hilarious when I do things like that. In theory it could really help me see the shapes instead of the tulips. That might work better when it's not so late and my eyes aren't blurring together!
But goal accomplished! And that's more important than sleep, right? I'll let you know tomorrow.

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