Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Sale: Rose I

After picking up some pieces from the Lawrence gallery in an effort to rotate inventory a bit, I looked at some of my older paintings and decided to do a little holiday sale! I just don't have room to keep them all in my little house, even if some of them, like the one below, hold a little sentimental place in my painting heart, so I'd love for them to find a nice home for the holidays! So every day I'll post a different one for sale at a reduced price - be sure to come back and take a look. This is my Rose I and was one of, if not the first flower I ever painted in watercolor. I was so happy with it as it came along, which is a little unusual since I usually like my paintings at the beginning and end and feel like they go through a number of stages of ugly in the middle. But this one was exciting to paint in all stages as the colors seemed to explode out of the middle on their own. I also loved the ruffly, wrinkly, interesting edges of the petals. The painting is watercolor on watercolor paper, and is 11 x 14.

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