Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why I'm here

So although this is my very first post, I'm going to jump right in as if I've been doing this forever. And by this I mean posting what I painted tonight. My progress. Or my mistakes. However little or much I actually succeed in accomplishing after we get the children to bed. There are lots of nights when I don't feel like I have enough left in the tank to pick up a brush but since it is rejuvenating when I do, I started this blog in the hopes that I would do it more often. You know, like I would feel accountable since I have to report on the blog. That's why I'm here. And thank YOU for being here too! I need your fresh eyes to tell me what you think. Don't be shy. Please, let's be friends.

So, back to the task at hand. I started working on this painting nearly a year ago, didn't like the water, and gave up on it. I recently taped it to the wall until I had the courage to give it another go. It's from a photograph I took near The Dalles, OR. I'll post the photo with the finished painting. But this is what it looks as of 10:30 tonight (my cut-off time so that we get to bed at a decent hour since the little ones don't like to sleep in as much as I do!):
I did the cliffs tonight and added a bit more to the greenery. I'm really happy with the cliffs! They worked! I'm scared to death of overworking this painting though and so am moving along at a snail's pace - worried that I'll do too much and ruin it. That's always a problem with me when I like a painting too early in the process. Again, I'm not happy with the water. What would you suggest? Comments, constructive criticism, encouragement much appreciated!!!

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