Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mural complete!

Ever since moving in I've wanted to paint the walls of our little girls' room. After scouring Pinterest and staying up late many times because my head was swimming with ideas, I decided on a garden theme. But I dreamt of a huge garden, where the flowers are huge, making the girls feel like little ants. Or like Alice. 
So we've now lived here for about 10 months and with the combination of snow days off of school and work and the big girls having rendered my art room totally unusable because of the mess their present-making has caused, I decided it was time! I couldn't paint in my studio, so I'd paint the walls! And I'm SO happy with it! 
And as always, so happy to be done. And I happened on the most perfect quote. And what makes it even more perfect? It's by Henri Matisse! Some of the first leaves I painted made me think of him. And it fits the theme without being cheesy. So happy.

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