Monday, July 18, 2016

Blowing Away

Had a really, really bad day today. Like daughter-puked-in-the-car-after-driving-30-minutes-to-Costco-so-we-had-to-turn-around-and-drive-back-without-the-groceries bad. It's hard to come back from that. So I needed to paint badly, and to paint something fun. Never painted a hot air balloon before, but I'm going to have an art booth at an Art and Air festival in a month so I thought it might be fitting. But it was more technical than I'd realized, although I'm not sure why that came as a surprise. It's like I'm a complete idiot sometimes. Like I haven't been doing this for years and have no clue what it'll take to paint something. And as I finished, it was just kinda meh. But all along I had toyed with ideas of ways to somehow make it as magical as hot air balloons seem to be. And at the end, not loving the result, my husband said, "why not," when I told him what I was thinking and that's all I needed. Permission to play! And it suddenly wasn't boring anymore.
8x10 Watercolor on paper
Photo credit: Linda Seavey

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