Tuesday, April 19, 2016

So Many Flowers

So my aunt commissioned me to do a painting for her! That's good news of course, but I've been super intimidated to give it a start. She showed me pictures she'd taken of a street artist's work and they were gorgeous but very unlike my style. I haven't really had a clue where to start. When I do florals, I do them a la Georgia O'Keeffe, up close and intense. It's what I'm drawn to do and it's honestly what makes them different. I don't really know how to do a large, zoomed out painting that incorporates many different flowers with different colors and things going on. It's a challenge. But after pumping myself up with some good podcasts ("The Unmistakeable Creative" is really inspiring), I had to give it a go. So it has started slow, but I have started. I'm combining images from three different photos that my aunt took at her cousin's flower farm so that I can get better balance of color than any one possessed on it's own. So add that challenge to the table and here we go:
It looks a little better now that I've stepped away from the paper. Isn't that so often the case? Why don't I remember that when I'm in the middle of feeling like it's not going well? Instead I kept painting and eating inordinate amounts of guacamole right before bedtime, which in retrospect, wasn't really the best idea after all. 

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