Saturday, March 5, 2016

Reflecting #1 WIP

So the plan was to pack boxes tonight since we move in, oh, one week. But I really needed to paint instead. Yes, I'm procrastinating but at least it's good procrastination and not the kind that saw me scouring the Internet earlier looking for a bed for child #4 and buying a 5 foot giraffe for child #2 instead. That's bad procrastinating. But my scattered brain could not handle working on both the paintings at the same time so I focused on truly making the trees look like trees and on building up richer color so it didn't look too pale and boring. Looking at the picture on here, it seems like I need to tidy up that messy purple mountain on the right. And then lose my marbles trying to reflect all those twisting shapes I painted tonight. It's gonna be rough. But then again, it's either that or packing.

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