Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jackson pollock lesson

(students' work)
I can't believe I've never taught Jackson Pollock before! In fact, I can't believe I've never tried it myself. I suppose it just seems so intimidatingly messy. And it is. My driveway will never be the same.
But at least it was my driveway and not my carpets, right? Besides, what better way to advertise that an artist/art teacher lives here?! Are you convinced yet dear? My husband's so good to put up with me. Anyway, I finally got brave and gave it a go. I had bought massive rolls of paper, because if we're going to do this, were gonna do it right. Like the man himself and his enormous canvases. Kinda wish the plural of canvas was canvi, but I digress. With the older kids, we started out taking a survey. They ranked the importance of things like beauty or a political purpose or museum recognition in an artwork and we shared to get an idea of how peoples' ideas about art can be so different. We read "Action Jackson," and watched a short video of the artist working. I had everyone say at least one thing that they'd noticed about his style or techniques. They were pretty excited to get going. I gave them the option of collaborating on a huge sheet,
or of doing smaller ones on their own.
Darn North Dakota wind caused some problems, but overall it was a hit! And they turned out pretty impressive too! Oh and my bathroom looked like a color wheel had exploded in it. Make sure you have access to lots of soap and water if you give this a try. Probably should've been a given. Also, do your best to discourage intentional paint flinging at fellow students, while at the same time, not giving them any ideas. Ha!
(my daughter who now wants to do this every day)
(students' work)

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