Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

So it's totally crazy but it's nearly been a month since I last posted. How awful is that?! I knew it had been awhile but phew, time sure does fly. I mean it's 2012 for goodness sake! But the holidays are now over, family is all back home, girls back in school, our camera is found (not in time to take any holiday pictures unfortunately but thank goodness we found it!!! It's actually one of the big reasons I haven't posted. I couldn't photograph anything! It was awful!) and it's time to get back on track. So here's what I'm playing with right now:
These first two are for a local miniature show. I don't do miniatures. In fact, I might have to go buy a little brush to be able to finish. On top of that, they're acrylics, which I also don't do. But Aaron Brothers was having their penny sale on canvases and I wasn't excited about trying tiny watercolors, so I thought why not? Can't say I felt the same as I struggled getting going, but I am happy about where they're at now and having a hard time stopping, so there's that.
Also, the other day I wanted to play around with a watercolor portrait sketch. I didn't get around to the eyes, which are clearly the most important part but all I was focusing on was experimenting with skin color. Wish the photo was better because I was pretty happy with the color variety and freshness.
So I guess I'm starting out the new year trying new things. I wish I could say that was one of my resolutions, but I haven't actually got around to making those yet. I mean to. But like last year, and the year before frankly, I keep trying to figure out what they should be, and in the meantime we're getting further and further away from New Years. So my goal will be to actually set goals this year. Here's hoping! And just for kicks, here's my son making artwork of himself with his spaghetti. Looks like creativity is a riot!

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