Friday, October 21, 2011

Dreaming of tulips

Sadly my class is over! Last night was the last class, and I can't believe how quickly it went. My head is full of ideas of projects I want to do next class and alas, it is over. But the ladies in my class were wonderful, and I really enjoyed getting to know them. They seemed to enjoy it and I enjoyed teaching it even more than I'd expected. It was seriously good for the self-esteem (I hadn't been sure I knew enough to share) as they were so complimentary and eager to glean tips and techniques. I hope to get to do it again! And here is where my tulips stand. I'm trying desperately hard to keep them as light and airy and soft as I can. Nobody wants a tulip so heavy it'd be hard to lift! I need them to appear as the sun is glowing right through their delicate petals. And the other challenge is, how much of the background to do, and how much to fade out, leaving the tulips to steal the show. I had this crazy urge last night to take a spray bottle to the painting, get everything nice and wet and let those green stems in particular just drip down and fill in the white space. Maybe I'll try that on a little practice sheet sometime. I'm rather unlikely to be that daring after all that work on the flowers, crazy late-night urges or not!

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