Sunday, September 25, 2011

First class victory dance

So I had my first class and despite a serious case of nerves right beforehand, it went really well! It was a lot of fun. There's one other watercolor artist that teaches at the center, that I think all of them had taken classes from before, and apparently my methods and style are drastically different from hers so it was really interesting for them. They were really sweet and built my confidence a little that I did have something to offer. I need to go ahead and finish this painting ASAP (but the flower on the right is not easy! It would be nice if it didn't have a million and one petals! What crazy person thought it would be a good idea to paint it anyway??? I can hardly keep track of where I am with all those petals crowding in and confusing me!) because I asked them to finish theirs, so it would be pretty lame if I wasn't done. It worked really well having this one halfway through the process, and then starting a fresh one of the same image for my demo-ing. I'll go ahead and finish the first though because the demo one isn't as far along and I have to hurry. I'd like to start the next one that we'll work on this week, but I also have to go teach art at my daughter's preschool, and I have a ridiculous amount of pears that will be ripening in the next couple of days for me to can. And let's be honest, that takes a bit of time. I haven't fully decided though what we'll do this next week, not to mention the other two times. I'd like to show how to use my methods in different situations, although all being florals since that is the name of the course. So I'm thinking one week we'll zoom out a bit and have a bunch of tulips or poppies or something with the sun lighting them up from behind. I love that. A lily would be nice too since that requires larger more confident strokes. And what else ... Or perhaps the last week I give time to finish all that we've started. Hmm.

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